Chris DuPont

"Live in A2" now available!

Booking Chris DuPont for worship events:

Chris DuPont is currently the music director and liturgical worship leader at St. John the Baptist Catholic Church. He's familiar and comfortable with Catholic liturgies, including weddings, funerals, Sunday masses, Adoration Holy Hours, and other special liturgies. Chris has also served at numerous Protestant and non-denominational churches as a worship leader, band member, and sound technician.  He specializes in creating safe spaces for prayer and worship, and is often sought out for his strong but non-fatiguing vocal style, unique and beautiful musical arrangements, and intuitive sensitivity to congregations.

Interested in having Chris serve at your next worship event, liturgy, or retreat?

For an hour-length service, Chris' solo rate starts at $250. Transportation upgrades will apply if the event is more than 20 miles outside the metro Detroit area. 

Additional upgrades may apply if: 

- The set-list contains numerous unfamiliar song requests 

- A sound system is not provided by the client

- A sound technician / stage hand is not on staff at the event

- Chris is expected to provide formatted lyric slides

If you are looking for a full-band experience, Chris' rate starts at $325, plus $125 per additional player. Chris collaborates with top-tier musicians, and takes great care to arrange the songs beautifully, and with emotional sensitivity to your congregation. 4-7 piece ensembles tend to be the best way for Chris to deliver in this situation. Chris' ideal ensemble includes guitar, piano, strings, percussion, and additional vocals. If you wish to include volunteers from your own worship team, this must be discussed and cleared with Chris in advance.

Events go very smoothly if your team can provide:

- A quality sound system, run by a sound engineer or well-trained sound ministry volunteer

- A projector with lyric slides, or printed lyric song sheets

- 2 bottles of water per band member

- A brief pre-service talk through with your pastor, priest, and/or event director 30 minutes prior to service start time

Important note on conference and retreat-style events:

Chris' career as a touring artist is predominantly non-sacred music. His goal is to bring beauty and hope to listeners of all backgrounds. 

Chris is a practicing Catholic with a deep love of ecumenism, and who strives to love others in the hope that all may come to know Christ. Chris does not publicly align with any political movement, or any cause that spreads its message in a way that lacks charity or causes division. Thus, Chris will not be booked for any conference or retreat until its themes, branding materials, and keynote speaker names have been submitted to his management team for careful consideration. If you have further questions regarding these concerns, feel free to contact Chris directly.