Chris DuPont often takes bookings as a contracted musician for weddings and other events. He specializes in wedding ceremony music, and is especially practiced in leading music for Catholic wedding masses. Chris' rates and policies are below. All weddings require a contract.


Chris DuPont is a vocalist, guitarist, and recording/touring artist based in Southeast Michigan. He is the music director at St. John the Baptist Catholic Church of Ypsilanti, Michigan. In 2012 he earned his BFA in Performing Arts Technology summa cum laude at University of Michigan. Chris is known for acoustic guitar / vocal performances, but is also a capable electric guitarist and is prolific with looper pedals. If you want him to pull out the tricks, feel free to ask!

Solo ceremony package: $350

Chris performs solo.
Church/venue provides sound reinforcement. 

Trio ceremony package: $750

This includes Chris (guitar/vocals), a string player (violin, viola, or cello), and an additional vocalist (typically a female singer who plays piano or 2nd guitar). This is Chris’ preferred format. Chris selects top notch players to join him. If you are familiar with the people he collaborates with, you are welcome to request particular players, but with the understanding that player lineup is subject to change.

Church/venue provides sound reinforcement.

Additional items and considerations:

Church sound access: A great mix is an indispensable component of a great musical experience. In many cases, Chris plays ceremonies at churches that do not have a house sound technician. In these cases, we ask that the church give Chris unrestricted access to their mixer and sound equipment. Some church music directors have anxiety about granting access to their system, and understandably so. Please be assured, in addition to being a performer, Chris is an experienced and capable sound technician with years of professional experience and training. It usually helps to notify your church’s music director that you have an outside musician playing at your ceremony, and connect them with Chris via email or phone if they so desire. 

Sound equipment provided by Chris: In the event that the chosen church/venue has limited or sub-pro gear, Chris can bring his own system. In these cases, additional fees apply: $200 (small-medium church/gathering space), $300 (large church/gathering space).

Song Choice: Chris works very hard to be flexible and adaptable to the situations he is booked for. That said, it’s always appreciated when your music/repertoire plays to his strengths. Chris stays well versed in indie/pop, singer/songwriter music, and current worship music. In religious settings, he is particularly adept at arranging hymns beautifully for acoustic instruments and congregational singing.

Chris can play accompanying piano when necessary (i.e., in the simple but tasteful style of artists like Coldplay or Rufus Wainwright), but is not a classical pianist by trade. Thus, if you opt for traditional items like “Canon in D” or other traditional wedding marches, you will need to book the trio package (so a string player and/or proper pianist can carry these pieces).

If the chosen venue’s pastor or music director has specific guidelines for what music is acceptable, the bride/groom are asked to facilitate that discussion as soon as possible. A phone call between Chris and the in-house music director will be sufficient in most cases. 

Rehearsals: The overwhelming majority of wedding rehearsals are intended to choreograph the motions of the bridal party, and familiarize family with the moving parts of the ceremony. Chris and his hired players have done countless wedding ceremonies, and likely will not be needed at your rehearsal unless you wish to practice the timing specifics of your bridal entry song. We believe this can easily be solved by email communication with the bride/coordinator, or by having the bride rehearse to a recording at her rehearsal. But in the event that a couple greatly desires a rehearsal that includes live music cues, additional fees will apply, and can be negotiated directly with Chris. 

Worship / Ministry events

Pricing for worship events, conferences, etc. must be negotiated directly with Chris' management team. When making a request, please be sure to provide the following:

- Your event's full speaker / presenter roster
- Name of the sound production company you intend to work with
- Event name, themes, and any branding materials that are currently confirmed

Chris loves being musically involved in ministry based events. That said, Chris and his musical collaborators unanimously value inclusiveness, unity, hope, and social justice. They will only be involved in events that clearly and explicitly embrace these values. Chris and his team reserve the right to allow or withhold photography rights, recording rights, and the use of their respective social media handles.